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Food Walking Tour in Sucre

Experience Sucre’s vibrant flavors on our 3-hour food tour. Sample fresh fruits at the Central Market, savor humintas, unique beverages, and cheese empanadas. Visit a local bar for traditional drinks and a delicious pork sandwich. Conclude with Bolivian coffee and cuñape bread at a cozy café. Awaken your senses with authentic Bolivian flavors!

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3 hours

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Join our exciting gastronomic tour in Sucre and discover the authentic flavors of the local cuisine. During this 2.5-hour tour, you will explore highlighted culinary corners of the city.We will start our adventure at the Central Market, where you can enjoy the colorful stalls of fruits, vegetables, and spices. Here, you will have the opportunity to taste some fruits and get up close with the fresh ingredients used in Bolivian gastronomy. At the market, you can also try a fresh juice made from a traditional local fruit.


Next, we will head to a local establishment to try the famous humintas, a delicious specialty of Bolivia, accompanied by a unique coca leaf infusion. Our guide will explain the history and secrets behind these traditional dishes while you indulge in their unique flavors. We will continue with a delightful beverage called Api (made from purple corn) and some unique cheese empanadas or the traditional buñuelo.

After exploring these flavors, we will delve into the world of local cocktails. We will visit a local bar (chichería) where you can taste the traditional corn chicha or the tumbito (a drink made from a local fruit), as well as enjoy a traditional pork sandwich that attracts dozens of people to this local bar.

Finally, we will conclude our tour at a cozy café, where you will savor a freshly brewed Bolivian coffee while enjoying the incredible view of the colonial part of the city. We will accompany this coffee with a delicious cuñape (bread made with yucca flour).

Don’t miss the opportunity to join our food tour in Sucre and immerse yourself in a unique gastronomic experience that will awaken all your senses. Come and taste the authentic Bolivian cuisine with every bite!

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Address will be send after booking. If the group is small, the guide can also start the tour from your accommodation.

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