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From Sucre: 2 days trek to Maragua Crater

Embark on a remarkable journey along the Inca Trail, where breathtaking landscapes, cultural discoveries, and endurance await. Stay at a cozy wilderness hostel, indulge in delicious meals, and explore picturesque Potolo. This extraordinary journey covers approximately 15 kilometers on the first day and 17 kilometers on the second day, leaving you with cherished memories.

General information

Price / 120 USD

You must pay before the tour starts



Pick up time

8:00 am


2 days

Included / excluded

Bus transportation

1 night accommodation

1 lunch, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast

Entrance ticket

Extra food & drinks

Gratuities (optional)

Full description

Embark on an incredible adventure as we journey along the famous Inca Trail, immersing ourselves in breathtaking landscapes, cultural discoveries, and a true test of endurance. Our expedition begins at Estadio Patria’s main entrance at 8:00 a.m., where our expert guide warmly welcomes you. After a scenic hour-long drive, we arrive at the Inca Trail, surrounded by natural beauty. We’ll visit a hidden gem, a small Catholic chapel nestled amidst awe-inspiring surroundings, offering a moment of spiritual reflection before we begin our hike.


As we set foot on the winding trail, we gradually ascend towards a captivating crater. Prepare to be enchanted by untamed beauty, a fusion of lush greenery, rugged terrains, and panoramic vistas stretching as far as the eye can see. Along the challenging yet rewarding terrain, we’ll encounter enchanting flora and fauna, connecting with nature in its purest form. In the evening, we reach our cozy hostel, a warm sanctuary in the wilderness, where we indulge in a delicious dinner, savoring flavors that invigorate both body and soul.

On the second day, we rise with the sun, ready to embrace a new day of exploration. Our hike continues towards the picturesque town of Potolo, revealing captivating highlights such as ancient dinosaur footprints and inspiring red mountains painted by nature’s hand. This extraordinary journey covers approximately 15 kilometers on the first day and 17 kilometers on the second day, testing both our physical and mental endurance. As our adventure concludes, we bid farewell to the trail and embark on a scenic public bus ride back to Sucre, carrying cherished memories of this remarkable journey.

Meeting point

You will meet your guide at the entrance of Sucre’s stadium. Most of the times we will inform you in advance to pass by your accommodation when the group is small.

What to bring

Comfortable clothes

Comfortable shoes