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Discover Potosi, a historic city in Bolivia filled with architectural wonders and fascinating tales. Nestled in the highlands, Potosi was once a thriving silver mining hub that left behind a rich colonial legacy. Marvel at Cerro Rico, a majestic mountain that was once a source of immense wealth. Explore Casa de la Moneda, a fascinating mint showcasing the coin production process and mining heritage. Wander through the UNESCO-listed Historic Centre, adorned with beautiful churches like Catedral de Potosi and Iglesia de San Lorenzo. Don’t miss Mercado Central, a bustling market offering traditional textiles and handicrafts. Venture outside the city to witness the surreal landscapes of Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. Potosi invites you to step back in time, uncover its mining history, and soak in the captivating blend of culture and natural wonders. Start your Potosi adventure today!

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