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El Alto, the earth in the sky

Perched high in the Bolivian altiplano, El Alto is a vibrant and dynamic city that offers an authentic and captivating experience. From its bustling markets like the Feria 16 de Julio and vibrant street art scene to the energy of Cholita wrestling and the flavors of local cuisine, El Alto immerses you in the pulsating heartbeat of contemporary Bolivian culture. The city’s panoramic views from the TelefĂ©rico cable car system and its fusion of tradition and modernity create a captivating atmosphere, inviting you to embrace the vibrant colors, sounds, and flavors that define this thriving urban center. Prepare to be enchanted by the resilience, creativity, and authentic spirit of El Alto, a place that truly embodies the cultural richness of Bolivia.

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muisca yoga and hike in neusa reservoir


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premium wellness experience at neusa hills


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